How Laser Hair Therapy Works And Its Importance

16 Jan

An ideal hair loss treatment has to focus on the underlying cause of hair loss to which it is being directed. Although many people may tend to believe that hair loss especially in men is just a natural thing due to hereditary factors, today's studies have revealed that various factors are responsible. Some of these factors include hormones, improper nutrition, negative effects from medicines, stress, tight scalp among many others.

Hormones contribute to hair loss by their effects upon hair follicles. Androgens and estrogens are the male and female hormones and rectifying an imbalance can be an excellent treatment for hair loss. Here we focus on the hair laser treatment and how effective it can be in stopping hair loss.

A common treatment that has been used is the Dihydro testosterone(DHT) which is testosterone combined with an enzyme. When DHT gets to the hair follicles causes them to shrink resulting in a finer hair. This is known as hair follicle miniaturization which is the main process behind male pattern baldness. Drugs that reduce 5a- reductase, the hormone responsible for forming DHT are being used are being used to treat hair loss, but they can result to impotence, low libido, decreased ejaculate volume and in other cases cause man boobs. Although several safe herbal preparations can decrease the levels of DHT, there is a perfectly safe and effective hair loss treatment called the hair laser therapy producing excellent results in both men and women. Get more info at this website!

Hair laser therapy was discovered in the 1960s when experiments with laser light upon mice lead to the discovery that shaven areas grew back fuller and thicker hair on the mice that were put on laser treatment than on the controls where therapy was not used. This discovery led to the development of a new treatment for those seeking hair loss treatment. Low power lasers with a wavelength of 650nm are the most effective. Advancement in this field has to the development of portable laser hair therapy devices for those wishing to buy one for their home use. Click for More!

Two theories explain how lasers stimulate hair growth. First, theory explains that the light energy from a laser is absorbed by the hair follicle and transfers energy into the follicle in the same way the light helps plants grow. The second states that light helps to stimulate and improve the blood circulation around the hair follicle scattering the DHT away from the follicle.

If you are looking for a solution to your hair loss, try hair laser therapy which is a safe and effective treatment.

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